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"well, you are a whore."   
01:54pm 05/03/2003
mood: hyper
I treat my roomate with kindness and respect ... PSHSHHHHHHHH AHAHAHAHAHA.

So wow. Let's see. Yesterday a lot happened and I really can't remember much. THis is 'what went down'

*gandhi and me discovered 'isketch' (www.isketch.net - go there. NOW.)
*Gandhi and me got in huge-ass trouble from our RA for screaming @ the Isketch screen
*gandhi and me went to shull to escape from the evil quietness of our hallway
*gandhi, me, meredith proceeded to play twister in the shull hallway
*girls told us to shut up
*guys stopped and watched
*we fell on our asses
*I squeezed my water bottle so that it shot water everywhere several times
*we played frisbee, in the snow, with a chicken patty

Ok. Today I woke up at 1:00 in the afternoon. There was like 8 inches of snow on the ground, so do you really think I was going to walk to classes ?! Yeah, not so much. I do have to go get my APhi present at some point though. I will force gandhi/meredith/kendra/sarah K./someone to go with me. Oh, yesterday I got a teddy bear which I named chino, and also a jar of candy. It's pretttyyyyy much gone now. Mah badddd mah badddd.

I talked to the #1 on IM. It was funny in that 'let's try to be funny so lauren fontanini can post it in her livejournal kinda way.' Oh, and now there's no point. I talked to matt on the phone for 10 seconds, so that was cool too. All I got out of it was that he commanded Jessica to massage his hands (never a good thing) and that I may or may not be buying him lunch when I come home. Also, that I should apparently give up all college and alpha phi-related activities to come see the perspectives concert. Hahaaaaaaa. I meannnn ....

Oh. So I bought a turkey sandwich today as well. ANd me and Gandhi are gonna go play more isketch. we'll try not to screech this time, but our uteruses might just make us. Whateva whateva i do wha i wan.

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cheese loooaffff !!   
11:04pm 03/03/2003
mood: bouncy
Ha. Me and Ash bought this huge loaf of cheese bread and 3/4 of it is now non-existent. Well, it exists in our stomachs. Meep ! So yeah, got back from the candle talk a little while ago. It was cute - just bonding type stuff w/my pledge class. It smelled yummy. We went over some more stuff about initiation which I *shhhhh* can't really say anything about. Big Secret. x.x

Note to self : do not purchase 'island squeeze bubblicious' anymore. It's nast. :: chew chew chew :: Ok, well I should be in bed royght aboot now, cuz I have mat @ 8 am. Damnnnnnnnnn. I dun wanna go !! But alas, I must. Sorry for this pile-of-poo update folks. I just felt like doing it. And it's myyyyy livejournal. SO THERE !

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nothing to say but 'this was today'   
11:25pm 02/03/2003
mood: complacent
Hrm, so today was kinda not ok. Reason being that I missed my APhi meeting and the girls are going to kill my ass. Just my ass, not me in my whole and complete self. Yars. SO the reason I missed it is cuz the time got changed from 9 to 7, and I forgot to write it down and I called Sara to see if she wanted to walk over to the Union w/me, and then *dundundun* she told me about it. So shiite.

This week will be pure insanity in the uterus dept.

Monday: big sis note/present, candle talk
Tuesday: big sis note/present, sisterhood meetup
Wednesday : big sis note/present
Thursday : bigs sis note/present, keepsake night, big-sis revealing
Friday : court of ivy
Saturday : initiations, honor banquet, new member sleepover, guardian angel revealing and guardian angel dinner

Hrmph. The sociability of it all ... I got to go shopping this weekend though, which makes me happy. I got white pants (meep!) from Aeropostle that are actually very cute. Then at Gap I got really expensive black pants, and a black shirt and a white shirt, and then I got cute black shoes from Kohl's for like 30 bucks, which made me happy as well. I also bought a purple + gray water bottle at Target, and I'm obsessed with it b/c it's squishy. WAHOO.

Right now I'm watching Forrest Gump and avoiding Mike's phone calls. Beth stopped by and we held a random bitching session about my roommate's lack of respect/limits/self-control when it comes to having sex everywhere. Beth roomed w/her last semester, and so she's the only one who knows what I'm talking about, and if you don't ... well, just be glad.

So I'm going to drink water out of my beautiful and squishy water bottle and then go to bed. Oo, I don't have to get up till 11 tomorrow.


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aww, friends !!   
01:13am 02/03/2003
mood: indescribable
Wow, how much does having friends rock ??

So last semester I didn't know anyone and everyone I did know, I hated. So I thought college sucked. So I assumed tonight would suck. Cuz you'll have that. But then I realized *I have friends now* !! So me and Ash went over to Mere's and watched 'Save the Last Dance' and ordered pizza and talked to hot Nick who unfortunately has a girlfriend. Although there'd be no chance even if he didn't. But that's ok, b/c he's fun to look at. O.O And also rode my scooter around everywhere and crashed often and loudly. It was pretty fun.

I dunno though ... something about it made me sad. What a fucked up weirdo I am. Just hanging out w/friends who aren't my "real" friends (IE: dubuque people) makes me sad. I dunno why. I guess I'm just pissed that shit has to change all the time. Why can't I just have my friends and keep them the same and not let crap happen ?? Durr, stupid *life moving forward* crap. What up w/that ?!

Anyhow, now that I've been honest {damn you early morning emotions}, I'm going to go to bed. I came to the realization tonight whilst discussing the anorexic chick who stopped in and watched us stuff ourselves w/pizza ... that I'm wayyyyyyyy out of shape. With the result that I'm going running tommorow. So - NIGHT !

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08:00pm 01/03/2003
mood: accomplished
I did four loads of laundry. Then I did dinner w/Ash and Mere. Then I did livejournal stuff. Look - you don't have to scroll it anymore !! I also embedded an image code in my comments - so if you leave a comment a little musical note shows up. Imma genius, I'd just like to say. I also have new pictures. Wahoooo.

Hrm. And now on this Saturday night I'm going to study. Lauren crashing bore, much ? Yup.

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shull is -almost- gay   
10:37am 01/03/2003
mood: annoyed

So last night I actually ended up staying w/Meredith over in Shull Hall cuz Ash and Seth were sexing it up in our room. (gag)

So this guy walks in to steal some popcorn from us, and he started talking to us ... lalala. And I immediately assumed he was gay. Cuz ok, he had the "voice" thing going on, very feminine gestures, just .... yeah. You know - the kind of gay guy that is just really out there. So he leaves eventually and me and Mere are talking and something comes up about Micheal (popcorn guy) and she's saying how everyone always thinks he's gay. And I'm like "holla holla holla" (thank you Ty) "does that mean he's NOT gay ?!"

So in conclusion : there are like 4 guys on Mere's floor who are extremely gay in that 'no they are not gay at all though' ... kinda way. Uh-huh.

It's funny. Ok, but so yeah. I was glad I stayed over there. We actually ended up having a lot of fun. I always thought she was kinda whiny/annoying/uterus-ish. But not at all, and she has a lot of cute guy friends. Even though 85% of them are almost gay.

So Imma go buy breakfast. Yar.

disclaimer : my livejournal, my over-use of the term 'gay'. DEAL. uh-huh uh-huh

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thank you, thank you !! =D   
08:31pm 28/02/2003
mood: cheerful
Yayyyy !!!

Check this shit out, my LJ rocks. Props to Mr. Brian Ellis for figuring that out first though.

I <3 my *liv*journal

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misery <3's company   
06:54pm 28/02/2003
mood: cranky
nicole from APhi is here and we are both ranting on and on about how completely unlovable we are. both of us are alone w/nothing to do on a friday night and so we are feeling utterly disgusted w/ourselves.

Alpha Phi is hosting a date night, and neither of us had anyone to go with and so we are planning on buying loads of chocolate and renting chick flicks and spending the evening bathing in our own self-pity. I could've gone to Kurt's - he stopped by to ask me and Ash, but Ashley is gone w/Seth somewhere and I'm not going over there by myself. besides he annoys me, and being the depressed self that I am today, I'd probably get drunk and then become completely unmanageable and very much a girl which I hate.

so if you'll excuse me, I have a hot date with the laundry room.

i think i'm going insane

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The sunlight made me cry but I refused to look down.   
01:10pm 27/02/2003
mood: enthralled
Random Thursday Afternoon Epiphany :


Today has been so perfect. It's beautiful outside, and the snow is all melting, so everyone's outside reading or playing football/frisbee. I just love the atmosphere around here - it makes me very happy.

The past couple of days have been great ... I did some APhi stuff, and I'm really looking forward to being a part of this. We have another house dinner tonight, and I'm going w/2 of the other new girls. It should be fun. Then next week is going to be crazy - we find out who our big sis is @ the end of the week, so all week @ noon @ the house we get presents from them so we can try and guess who it is. Thursday is the party for all of us new girls. Then Friday is Court of Ivy, and then Saturday is *dundundun* initiation. And Sat/Sun we sleep over @ the house to claim our bricks downstairs, and stuff. I'm really excited. I have to go shopping though b/c Friday we wear all black and Saturday we wear all white. So yay for spending money !! My parents fffiiiinnnaaalllyyy put some more $$ in my account, and I'm excited.

I have to decorate the bear for my big Sis, which I'm working on right now. It's cute. I got all my APhi stuff organized WAHOO. I needed to do that cuz I was losing it all.

Yah, so I had a math test today. It was kind of hard but the professor looks them over before we turn them in to see if she can help us out w/anything ... and she seemed very happy w/mine. So hopefully I did ok. I don't think I aced it, but maybe a B ?? Yesterday me and Ash met w/Beth and Laura for Oral Com and it was soooo much fun. Our group rocks. We have to do a marketing presentation and we came up with a jingle, so we're going to do a voice over on Avril's Skater Boy, and it fits soooo perfectly. It's hilarious. I can't wait to do that ... I think we start presenting next Friday.

Spring Break is coming up so fast, I can hardly believe it. And the really cool thing is that I almost wish I didn't have to leave. Whoa, that's insanity coming from Miss Go-Back-Home-Every-Weekend. I'm finally starting to enjoy this whole college thing.

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Mistah b ! What is your damage ?!   
01:21pm 26/02/2003
mood: bouncy
So today Ash timed how long it took me to get ready, cuz I climbed out of my loft @ exactly 7:56 (we have class @ 8). I brushed my hair, got dressed, and put my shit (not literally my poo) into my messenger bag and was ready to go by 8:02. Pretty damn impressive. Unfortunately, our Oral Com. prof did not seem to think it was that great. Whatev !

I have a math test tommorow which I haven't studied for yet. Shit ... I have a meeting and a dual event for APhi tonight too. Shit. I have to do laundry today unless I feel like wearing khaki capris in 8 degree weather. Shit. I have to go buy white pants buy next Saturday. Shit.

How ridiculous is that anyways ?! White pants, I mean c'mon ... We have to wear all white for our initiation Sat. morning into APhi. Shit man I own no patanlones blancos. :/ SO yar, there goes more of my parents $$$. They need to put some more of the green stuff into my checking account. I'm down to like 200 bucks. ::gasp, choke::

This is a great song ::hums along:: ::stops the insane internet actions royght aboot now:: ...


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no mo' drama in mah liiii-efffeeee   
09:38pm 25/02/2003
mood: cheerful
My roomate is stomping around the room and screaming at her Dad about taking out loans for the next 4 years. I realize that I don't really have room to talk here, considering how much I've been handed throughout life. But just using common sense : lots of people have to take out loans. It's a part of life, you deal with it and you move on. I need to go find my aspirin now ...

...Ok, that's taken care of - 20 minutes later, lol. Andrew Slade is possibly the nicest member of the male gender that I know. He made me smile really huge, which made me choke on my water ... but the choking is besides the point. It's the thought that counts, even when it comes to near-death experiences, royght ?

Me and Ashley were going to buy $2 vintage shirts today. But I came to the realization that my keys are definitely still locked in my car and it'll be another day or so before my parents send my spare key. Whoops ! So instead I downloaded 15 different versions of Tetris in my quest to find the perfect freeware. 2001 Tet-Rize definitely gets my vote. It's got a cool background, classical music, and 3-day irredescent blocks. Two thumbs up.

Speaking of voting - as far as American Idol goes I thought everyone blew some major ass except for the guy from the Marines. Can't remember his name, but he was good and if he doesn't make the top 10 I'll quit watching the show, no joke. Also watched Trishelle the Slut float between Steven the Brainless and the guy she didn't deserve on The Real World. I hate this cast. I just want to kick them and then move on to Paris. Hopefully they won't all be whores.

Uterus Update : Tommorow is going to be insanity. There's an event @ 7:30 w/the AZD's, and I need points. But there's also a NewMemberMeeting @ 9:15, and I have a Math test Thursday so I gotta study at some point. Damn the baby-makers.

Ok, time for more water (which hopefully will not have "I love you!" messages to make me choke), teeth brushing, Sophie's World, and Oral Com homework.

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me and my mullet took a walk in my bad-habit shoes.   
04:52pm 24/02/2003
mood: frustrated
I read a pretty booklet today from APhi which was entitled "The Ivy Leaf". It told me of the "many benefits you will recieve even after you graduate and leave behind the friendly faces and encouraging atmosphere of your particular Alpha Phi chapter". It reminds me of an hour-long segment on the attributes of a cleaning agent with a mispelled name like "Health-E Glo" or a food processor which also comes with a set of knives that will never break.

What have I gotten myself into ?

In Philosophy we had a huge debate about the documentary we watched about Roger Smith and the GM corporation. I wanted to smack the bleeding-heart liberals who spoke emphatically about working conditions in Mexico. I bet you two million pesos ($3.50) that they went back to their dorm rooms in their Nike tennis shoes made by starving 6-year-olds and felt righteous and good for speaking up. I'm not saying I don't enjoy my *made-by-tiny-mexicans* clothing, but I'm not a hypocrite about it either. Anyways, I kept my mouth shut for the most part. I get crazed by stuff like that, and didn't want to scare my borderline-socialist classmates with my Republican let's-be-realistic-about-capitalism rantings.

Back to normality - I wrote Mike an E-mail, and he responded like 10 seconds later and was cute about it. I hope he doesn't get killed or maimed. It's fucking freezing !! I wanted to peel my frostbitten skin from my face and replace it with the non-frozen variety. Uh-huh Uh-huh ...

Here with my problems
I don't need the light
They're bigger than darkness
And darker than night
I leave on a promise
Of something that shines
Perfection aint perfect
A leaver will find
I find this all the time

Those are lyrics from Caldecott Tunnel, and I'm not sure I even like them. Except the last three. Those ones I like for sure. So I guess Norah Jones did a sweep @ the (Grammy's?). Two thumbs up for vocalists who have real and actual talent. As opposed to Avril Lavigne's headache-provoking 'performance'.

I think I would have preferred midgets doing Jazzercise. On that note, it's almost dinner time.

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"Keep on truckin Ganndee, keep on truckin."   
09:42pm 23/02/2003
mood: comfortable
This weekend was more fun than a barrel of kumquats in June. Observe:

Friday - drove home after eating cheddar potatoes. proceeded to teach ash how to play the first 4 notes of Konstantine. took approximately 2 hours. called matt. went to ihop and had momentary am-i-going-to-have-to-pay panic. but fortunately, not. matt took to gandhi like a chihuahua to a porkchop. she laughs at all our jokes even the (rare) not-so-funny ones. gandhi is being 'hazed' into our group of friends, just like me + the uteruses, by getting a live (now pronounced liv) journal. we watched les mis cuz I never got to see it. matt's flute is what really made the whole musical worthwhile. it wasn't the acting, singing, props, or rest of the pit. just matt, and his flute.

Saturday - went skiing. gandhi did GREAT on the bunny hill, so we headed over to the next hill. she promptly fell over and slid down on her back yelling "somebody help me, help me, help me, helllllppppp !!". went home. went in hot-tub to defrost. went to lauren #1's after a mad search for her phone number (thank god for amanda, it was a close one, whew!). managed not to panic even though i knew like .0032 percent of the population at her house. had a lot of fun !!!! rolled marbles (didn't learn how to fist), guessed at whether or not lesbians were hearing impaired, and made innapropriate racial commentary (sowrry-sowrry). it was a good time, SHANKSH !!

Today - slept till one. ate bagels. came back to UNI in SNOOOWWWWWW. went to Aphi meeting - shocked them w/references to uteruses and sad clowns. returned to dorm room, ate bread. typed this.

I don't have to get up until noon tommorow, and for that I'm thankful. Right now I'm listening to "The Remedy" in my new cowboy twinkie pj pants from Target. Mike just called I gotta go !

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erm ... "mre"   
04:17pm 21/02/2003

what sort of weirdo are you?

this quiz by orsa

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Nooo, livejournal, where have you been ??   
11:40pm 20/02/2003
mood: sleepy
So I went bowling today !! And I bought new shoes. And me and Assley rode my scooter up and down the hallway and almost knocked over our RA, and then proceeded to inform her that we WERE NOT riding a scooter up and down the hallway. I saw Kurt, right as we were leaving to go bowling, and he was stoned. Before that, me/Joe/Ashley/Kendra/Nathan/Jen/Bobby were playing pool @ Thursdaze (some weird thing in the union where you get to do stuff for free) and I told everyone I sucked at pool, and proceeded to have dumb luck and win the game I played against Ash and Kendra. AHAHAHAHA.

But then at bowling my highest score was 78. So yeah, I guess that wasn't so good. But there were hotdogs for a quarter and so I had 2. And now my stomach hurts, vaguely. Tommorow me and Ashley are coming hooooomeeee !! And I finally finally finally get to see Matt after a very long time of not hanging out. And then I get to teach Ash how to ski, and then I get to watch movies on a purple leash @ Lauren #1's house. And then and then .... I got maiiillll, yayyyyyyy ... AHAHAHA. Mm, hotdog. Anyways !!

SO I'm going to bed cuz I'm fucking exhausted and I have oral com @ 8:00 in the morning, and there are cheddar potatoes for dinner @ the Piazza tommorow so we are not leaving till 5:30, and so we'll be home around 7 and if anyone wants to hang out, CALL US !!

Ok, latah foos !

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AIM sucks but life is good !!   
06:13pm 19/02/2003
mood: refreshed
I totally concur w/Mr. Brian Ellis about the weather today. It was gorgeous here @ UNI. Instead of running the track, I ran outside for almost 2 hours. I jogged/walked/ran all around campus like 10 times. It was sooooooo nice.

My internet was being a fuck earlier though - sorry to everyone I was talking to on AIM earlier this afternoon - I couldn't get any messages and then it kicked me off and then my internet didn't work @ all for like 3 hours. SO I don't hate you, AIM does. Ahkay ? Ahkay !

I'm tempted to outside and run some more. It's just so beautiful, and I have the feeling I'm gonna wake up tommorow to find out that it's gone back to being 10 degrees and ice all over the ground. It better not though !!!!! Cuz I hafta come home, and I don't want a repeat of what happened last week. Fuuucckkk no !

American idol tonight, yum !

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running ... away   
10:11am 19/02/2003
mood: discontent
Where do you fall on the liberal - conservative political spectrum? (United States)

brought to you by Quizilla

Wow, I'm kinda bored w/life. This weekend is going to rock though. Me and Ashley are coming to DBQ on Friday, and I get to hang out w/Matt for the first time in like, 3 weeks. Buaha ! Then Saturday morning/afternoon we're going out to Sundown and Imma teach Ash how to ski. That'll be so much fun - she's really excited about it, and it's so much more fun to ski w/friends than by yourself. I'm not sure if we're staying overnight on Saturday or not ... It depends mostly on what Ashamalee wants to do. We'll see and stuff.

Other than the plans for the weekend though, I'm bored in general lately. It's just that life around campus is the same every single day. I wake up early and go to class, come back and sleep or hang out w/Ash and Kendra, go to class some more, study, watch TV, work out occasionally. Same-old, same-old. I really would like to get a job. Once I do, I might be able to get back into riding again. That would be really awesome. I also need to call Jen from APhi, cuz I didn't realize I have to let them know if I'm going to miss meetings, and I missed one on Sunday cuz I was at home. Oops. I talked to my sister about it, and apparently it's a big deal. Blah. Stupid uteruses. Talked to Matt again last night - seriously that was like the highlight of my night. Thanks for the entertainment Matt !!! I talked to Mike again too for like an hour and a half. He got his 92-hour notice yesterday. Wow ... I've never known anyone who got shipped out to another country in conditions like this - w/the big possibility that he'll get hurt or even killed. Heavy stuff.

I think I'm going to go run the track today @ noon. Apparently the WRC is open 6-8 AM, then closes for classes until noon-1, then closes again until 3. I think it'll be better if I go @ noon, b/c *hopefully* there won't be too many people there. I can't stand it when there's tons of people and you know someone's watching you sweat your ass off. CREEPY. I need to go get new jeans and shoes today - I really don't want to spend any money but I really do need them. Tommorow I'm going to go get random job applications in Waterloo. I'd rather not drive to Waterloo for work, buuutttt there aren't many jobs on campus for people who don't have work-study. And the only places in Cedar Falls are like restaraunts - I can't picture myself waitressing. No way. I'm reluctant to get a job too, because that means I'll most likely work a lot of weekends. That means no Dubuque. Maybe that's a good thing though, I don't know. I gotta quit going back there so often, and I need a reason not to b/c obviously I have issues just stopping myself. Brian's moving next year, Matt will be in his SR year in high school, and then who knows where he'll end up for college, Manda and I barely even talk anymore. Time to "detach". MERGE WOMAN, MERGE.

Mreh. Stupid emotional crap. :/

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Affirmation of Idiocy   
08:13am 18/02/2003
mood: hyper
Peeeeemmmm ...

I just skipped my math class. Why, Lauren, why ? Well, b/c I know what we're doing right now, and it's easy, and since I didn't print out my LC's literary analyses until just now, I kinda need to proof them before my 9:30 CWLit class. WHOOPS !

Ok, this bites. What a dumb decision. Because I'll miss a quiz today, and one that I could easily get an A on, cuz what we're doing right now is beyond simple. Rawr to me. Oh well though, shit happens.

HAHAHAHAAHAAAAAA, Imma teach Assley how to ski this weekend !! I wanted to come home Friday w/her, and ski Saturday, but she wants to go to Kurt's (insert annoyed eye-roll here). I dunno what my deal is but he fricken bugs the hell out of me sometimes. He's got this ... elitist ... attitude thing going on. Granted, he's hot and smart and funny, but he's not jesus and he seems to think that's the case. Mreh to stupid boys - I think sometimes their testicles are bigger than their brains. Heh heh heh ... I wonder how you ... NEVERMIND. Ahkay.

TEEHEE ?! Uhmm, so I need to go do this Lit stuff, and then shower and then brush my teeth and then go to Lit and then come back and then do laundry and then work out and then do homework/study and thennnnn ... e-mail my math prof and explain why the hell I wasn't in class. Shall I have pneumonia or mono, kids ?? (kiddin, I'll say I overslept or that a large, malformed platypus ate my face)

Mmkay. I'm. Gonna. Go ...

I SWEAR. Ok ... must get away from ...computer. AHBUHBYENOW.

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Tawk aboutch yer lewse-lewse sitchy-aayyshun   
03:43pm 17/02/2003
mood: bitchy

I'm in a wicked pissy mood today. I don't even have valid reasons, and I know it. I'm just mad at ... everyone. It's really funny cuz when I'm mad like this, I simultaneously find almost everything that happens to me hilarious. The end result is that I walk around pissed off, laugh for 20 minutes, and then yell at someone.

I. Am. A. Freak. Annnnndddd I LIKE IT !

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Cuz we lost it all - nothing last forever ...   
09:46pm 16/02/2003
mood: cynical
This is me, being bored off my ass. Enjoy.

ReadMeCollapse ) Holy shit, that was longer than two pythons having sex. Nice metaphor Lauren. Thanks Lauren.

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