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id_d0_her's Journal

22 August
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1.) My name is Lauren
2.) Jesus hates me
3.) I probably want to make out with you
4.) I have ... 10 friends TOTAL
5.) Leave comments or I will eat your face
abercrombie and fitch, adam sandler, air fresheners, animals, autumn, back to school season, beverages, boot cut jeans, brian's butt muscle story, bricktown, bruschetta, burping, cable, calvin & hobbes, carrs crackers, casual sex activities, chaos, chaos theory, chapstick, cheese, college classes, colorado, colored pencils, comedy, cuddling, dancing, dogs, drinking yummy alcohol, driving mandy, dvd's, embarassing my friends, emo hair on boys, expensive shoes, falling up stairs, fire, flannel sheets, foosball, friend brian, friend matt, funny people, futons, gandhi - my roomate, going online, good pictures of myself, high school antics, horses, hot guys, hot-tubbing, huge sweatshirts, hugs, jack black, juliana theory, kazaa, kisses, kittens, label makers, laughing, lexus, lipgloss, little kids, livejournal, living in my dorm, lofts, making fun of myself, making fun of people, making out, making random lj icons, mandarin/orange bodyspray, memories, mercedes, messenger bags, mint flavored anything, movies, mp3's, mtv's real world, music, my philosophy class, my sister, my ski coat, myself, nathan always being high, new clothes, new hampshire, olive garden, permanent markers, pictures in general, pictures of friends, ping pong, plastic surgery, play dough, play-doh, playing piano, politics, pretzelmaker, propel, quotes, randomness, raw cookie dough, reading, republicanism, rich people, riding, road trips, romeo, running, safety pins, salad, schizophrenics, silver jewelry, silver watches, simple plan, singing, skiing, skinned knees, skinny dipping, snow, socks, soed, softlips chapstick, some cats, something corporate, spongebob, spooning - ahaha, sugar, sweaters, swimming, table hockey, talking, talking to myself, target, tenacious d, tennis, tetris, the color red, the east coast, the gap, the ocean, the smell of vanilla, thick carpet, toothpaste, tripping, uni, video cameras, warm days, water, winter, working out, writing